About Us

WADAWIDA EDUCATION FUND (WEF) is a non-political welfare society founded by concerned Wadawida with an objective of assisting needy bright Dawida students in paying their school fees.

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Wadawida Education Fund (WEF) seeks to promote intellectual advancement and capacity building among people from the Taita region of Kenya. The society is duly registered under the government of Kenya regulations.

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Why is the fund important?

Education standards in Taita/Taveta county have been in a general decline in the recent past, despite the introduction of free primary education and subsidised secondary education.

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Why was WEF Founded?

Some of the ways in which the society propagates its ideals is by paying school fees for needy bright students from this community, counselling youth on the careers choices available to them, and engaging in activities that promote a clean environment.

Since it’s registration in 2009, the society has paid school fees for SIX (6) needy students, and is currently paying school fees for 4 Students in High School. WEF to hopes to sponsor more students in the coming years. In 2015, WEF pioneer student, Rose performed exceptionally well enough to get admitted at the University.


Join us..

You can support WEF by either making a one time donation, or by becoming a WEF Member. Members make a monthly contribution of minimum KSH 1,000 (EUR 10/ USD 10). Find out more information by sending us a Message on our Facebook Page or Join our Facebook Group. One of the members is always available to answer your questions.